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Hello. Welcome to DigitalPM

DigitalPM provides clients with a range of Professional Services to help organisations effectively leverage IT to achieve their business objectives. Focussed on aligning Business and IT Strategy, DigitalPM offers a broad range of expert IT Consulting Services related to IT Advisory, IT Design and IT Governance.

DigitalPM specialises in answering these kinds of complex IT questions and has demonstrated experience in solving IT problems for clients across a wide range of industry segments. Working with organisations as diverse as Multinational ICT Companies, Major Banks, Government and Defence Departments, Publishing and Media, Professional Services firms, right through to Small to Medium Enterprise (SME’s) – We help our clients achieve IT results.


IT Advisory

Providing expert independent IT advice, the IT Advisory Practise is focussed on delivering market leading IT Consulting Services, IT Audit, and specialist IT Strategy.

IT Design

Providing cutting edge IT Solution Design, the Practise is focussed on delivering industry leading IT Architecture Design and IT Security Design Services, specialised E-commerce Design and Systems Integration Services.

IT Governance

Professional Services providing IT Project Management, IT Program Management, IT Risk Management, IT Change Management, IT Procurement Management, IT Test Management, IT Project Rescue and IT PMO Management.

Digital Services

Providing expert and impartial advice, the Digital Services Practise is focussed on delivering Digital Strategy, Digital Project Management, and Digital Procurement Services.
‘design it, manage it and acquire it’.

Training Services

Specialised Training Services focussed on the provision of targeted training courses and facilitation services across of a range of core domain expertise related to IT Advisory, IT Design, IT Governance and Digital Services.

General Enquiries

To find out more information about the Services offered by DigitalPM or to discuss how DigitalPM can assist your organisation – please submit an enquiry.